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The revolution cycle

Germany is the POWERHOUSE of Europe. Germany is in recession.
If the strongest can't make it, what about the rest?
Yellow Vests Advocate Taking Money Out of Banks in France to Topple Macron

Here is an excellent article on China. They are TOAST.
Brazil, like many other States have been over run with violent gangs.
"To that end, Bolsonaro last week said over Twitter that he would issue a decree to ease gun laws, making it much easier for adults over 25 to obtain firearms, as long as they have no criminal record. Bolsonaro says that allowing "good" people to own guns will discourage criminals, as well as reduce Brazil's homicide rate after nearly 64,000 murders last year. "
Armstrong's model is showing a "slingshot" rise in equities. Everybody else is showing a huge fall. Armstrong's accuracy record is amazing. How could American equities rise so far?
One has to entertain the idea that; there will be so much revolution in the world that capital will flee to American markets to survive complete vaporization.
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