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You seem to have the same current flow values across both CVRs ?

No, see screenshot below, there is 4x more current (rms) flowing through CSR2 (70mA) compared to csr1 (18mA).

As you can see in my last video,where i swap out the CVRs for small DC motors with parallel caps,the one in CVR 2 position starts running well before the one in CVR1s position--why would that be?.

Because there is (like you said) more current flowing through the csr2 position.

In the previous video to that,i show the temperature of each CVR,where CVR2s temperature is some 4 to 5 degrees C hotter--why would that be?

Because of the higher current through csr2 (mine has 0.3C higher temp., but these are 20W csr's).

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