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Originally Posted by dyatronn View Post

I like the progress here! We have to figure it out before some guys lock free energy bg some commercial project of sending energy by Zenneck waves which woul make world even worse the it is today. Now if charges react to this waves you find the capicitace kmportant in tha aspect Edwin Gray notest talk about electrostatic charge every where around 😏 and Don Smith strange connection of coils and diode bridge may be just to discharge it to ground
Hi boguslaw,
I do not think we have to worry about Zenneck waves. Perhaps, the worry is to find a thousand willing builders of Don's device globally!

@ ilandtan,
Thanks again for your focus on Don's 1994 video. I had paid attention to it, but, your comments have been greatly appreciated. It is cold here in downtown Japan! 6C today. Have been off the grid with no internet, and I am pleased that there is some response to the video. I am a little sad that I have to wait until I get home to make a new build with my waxes so I can test them after reversal of charge. It is a pity that too few observers' are not contributing. But, I reckon they will once a new Don Device is shown znd clarity can be seen regarding output.


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