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Increased magnet core kickback energy

Quotes from Tinman from OU Research:

"My coil is 200 turns but only 33mm neo core"

"Our coils have only 200 turns,but the inductive kickback energy exceeds that of a coil of 400 turns plus-such as that of an SSG setup".

Timan is stating that his power coil with an axial polarized Neo magnet core is generating over twice the inductive kickback energy!

Inductive kickback is directly proportional to the negative inductance induced from the magnet core.

Tinman and Jimboot should try "Diametric Neo Tubes" inverted on the rotor for power core and attraction magnets because more Webers of flux density travels across the windings when the fields merge and elongate.

A ferrite ring wound on two sides would neutralize the diametric magnet fields at the face of the coil and require much less input. The coil on the extended magnet cylinder would turn into a piggy back output coil on the extended core. The output is generated by the magnet field stretching caused by the approaching rotor magnet in attraction. Tinman has his rotor magnets wound and connected to a voltage multiplier on the rotor, to harvest the contraction and expanding force field in the rotor magnets.

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