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Quote from Aaron

"WHAT IF - you get that voltage potential to move 90 degrees perpendicular to the wire? You cause force the magnetic vector to rotate 90 degrees and swap places and no longer have the magnetic field perpendicular but an electric field perpendicular to the wire.

The magnetic field made of magnetic particles (bi-directional magnetic particles moving in opposite directions simultaneously...S & N) turns to magnetic current over the wire when turning 90 degrees and moving over the wire, which is cold, does work like amps but has no voltage. 0 voltage but you get work similar to hot current - but kinda different effects.

Anyway, I think it is magnetic current that moves from the grids to power the coils cold with stronger work than is predictable by the input power and so forth.

I see this in the water sparkplug circuits as well.

And again, when I use the comparison between the Gray circuit and the water sparkplug circuit...the gap on the plug is NOT the gap at the rods. The gap at the spark plug IS analogous to the space from the rods to the grids...draw everything out and this becomes apparent.

Anyway, if this is ever proven to be all read it here first and I'll take credit If it is proven wrong, then just remember I posted this disclaimer above: I don't know if it is true.

I have some evidence to back this belief but am focus on other things so I can't explore this more at the moment. Anyway, if anyone wants to look into it more, read the person that actually knows how to explain it because Leedskalnin leaves a whole lot out and also, through the eyes of a carpenter, the whole world is a nail and Leedskalnin thinks everything is from the magnetic current world. It is NOT. It is simply the inverse/opposite to the electron current world. I don't mean magnetic field, literally magnetic current when it is moving over a wire. The person that does explain it as it is in my opinion is: Felix Ehrenhaft: Magnetic Current --- 9 articles Felix Ehrenhaf
I'd recommend copying that page locally in case it disappears.

Moving voltage away perpendicularly from the wire instead of down the wire to force magnetic to move over wire since it switches 90 degrees is one way to get (one type of - implying there are others) cold electricity and this one is no voltage with current (cold magnetic current).

The other cold electricity is cold voltage potential without in the Bedini circuits.

There is another way to get cold electricity but that is something else least how to make it".
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