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Originally Posted by yasoooo View Post
God(s), as perfect beings, need nothing. They have no deficits. Praying is pointless because God knows everything and if God is perfectly good and just, then our prayers asking it to help others are pointless: God will help those that deserve it without or without our persuasive attempts. Praying is for ourselves and is essentially a self-help psychology disguised as religious behaviour. Also as God is everywhere it doesn't need us to go to specific places to do specific things: religious buildings are also purely a facet of human relations, not divine requirement. Intelligent humans realized this long ago - Aristodemus and Socrates in the 4th century BCE discuss that the idea of the divine is "too exalted to need worship"1. The reason we do so are social. God can tell us anything we need to know, and if there are things we need to know, a perfectly good-god would tell us directly. Therefore evangelism is pointless, merely a social exercise that feeds the ego of the evangelists. God doesn't need prophets such as Jesus, Muhammad, or magical tricks such as the Resurrection, to tell the world what it wants the world to know. If it is good for us to know something, God would tell everyone instantly and clearly, not via 3rd-party magical tricks and public relations stunts. God, as all-powerful and the facilitator of our personalities and consciousness, does not need the operation of "souls" in order to preserve us after death. All these things can only be believed in by those who don't understand that God(s), if they exist, are perfect beings. If you strip away all the nonsense from god-belief, the result is called deism, which is the belief in God but without religion. Deism is the most sensible form of god-belief. Antisthenes (445BCE-365CE), the founder of the Cynic tradition of classical Greece, taught that we should reject all worship of the gods because as perfect beings they were in need of nothing2. The idea of God is pretty much incompatible with all religious dogma and practice.
God Does Not Need Prayer, Prophets, Souls, Evangelists Nor Religion

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