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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
This is looking to me like Burgess is unaware of what is happening. Like his posts are being ghosted on an alternative server that he's being diverted off to so that he thinks the material is being posted and maybe even responded to. Otherwise it makes no sense. There's no way he would be making these errors.
most the pictures are linked back to a yahoo server, and at least one is from a yahoo mail server...
the mail server one likely points to an email attachment that no one else or few people can see because they are not logged into the correct account(s)
the yahoo links likely don't load because direct linking is not allowed.
So if you have looked at the news story(or whatever page it was) that had the pictures in it before, your computer will load them, and if not, you see nothing.
potentially they are dynamically made links on the yahoo servers, so after some short amount of time, none of the links work.

if his posts are being ghosted, then he will likely not see us talking about it either.
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