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Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post
Alright give me a couple of days.
Ok, I will wait patiently.
I the meantime, I've been played with 3BGS with small 7 Amp Alum batts, load hooked to a booster (set to 36 volts), and then differential voltage (20 volt) to a REMF charger, charging the fourth battery. The results was somehow disappointing, which is normal, I think. The charge in third battery was inconsistent, not like the charge done before with the modified motor. This test failed big time, but I was aware of failure possibility.
Now I'm testing 3BGS using an inverter, wich give me some usable light at 800 mA current draw (inverter + 5 Watt led lamp). First cycle was very promising, BUT, I have to say now I'm using 40 Amp deep cycle batteries, and, it seems like resting time helps a lot charging the third batt.
Right now I'm running the second cycle, and the result looks, also, promising. Battery charged first time looks stable, and the charging process of the third battery seems to be effective.
After finishing all the cycles of the test, I will post results with diagrams.
By the way, light in the room is powered by inverter :-)

L.E. I updated this post with some Excel charts.

Short conclusions: main goal was achieved - third battery is charging for real with inverter.

Note 1: batteries was discharged only to 12 volt, though specs allow to be discharged down to 10,5 volt (FCD12-40AT batteries).
Note 2. all three batteries was not fully charged.
I manage to run batteries in 3BGS configuration for 35 hours, at 800 mA load, but this does not prove anything special, so far.
Anyway, in next test I'm just discharging the battery with inverter and led lamp, to see how long the load will last in real world.
I'm going to make a complete test using 3BGS configuration with fully charged batteries, down to 11 volts, only when my automatic switcher will be ready.

Best regards,
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