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The hand was just coincidence.

There was a synchronisation where the vacuum became stronger and the machine goes into a feedback loop.

Transmitter and Receiver

This build is one Tesla turbine with two Tesla pumps. One either side.

It is a turbocharger than uses ambient air to propel the turbine.

The exhausted air enters the pumps and they increase the vacuum and change the pressure at inlet to a vacuum.

The air goes supersonic as it has a diverging nozzle on the inlet and the two pumps also have diverging nozzles.

The blueprint is in the US Patent 1,061,142 (Fluid Propulsion) and US Patent 1,061,206 (Turbine)


British Patent 24,001 - Improved Method of Imparting Energy to or Deriving Energy from a Fluid and Apparatus for use therein

I funded the build and provided the knowledge based on my research.

Putting both stages on one axle was the builders idea although it was done by Tesla in one of the British patents, where he has 3 stages on one axle.

I'm working on cleaning those patents up. I've posted a few already.

There are another load of relevant Tesla patents.

We've combined the clues from all of them.

The aim is to produce a free 3D printer file before the end of January.
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