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I tried to use only n-Mosfet on the low side, but didn't figure how to isolate mosfets from common ground issue, since each need 5 volt, so all mosfets are sharing same ground, which is BAD for switching all connections from those 2 batteries....With relays it is working quite nicely, though the code should be improved. This setup was easy to made, though, since both batteries shared the same ground (common -), in the first place for voltage reading side of Arduino (with voltage divisors), and then for setting the relays.
After some running tests with modified motor in 3 BGS configuration, I was very excited by the results, I decided to go BIG, and to make the 3BGS automatic switcher.
First step was to make an semiautomatic switcher, based on 4 push-buttons + Arduino and relays, so I can select manually what charging configuration I need. See the PDF attached to this post, you will understand better. This configuration works, BUT, there are, also, some issues.
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