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Talking Is the Ed Gray motor a reincarnation of Tesla's Pierce-Arrow?

Originally Posted by Spokane1 View Post
Dear E.V. Gray researchers.


There is no RF in this process other than the spectral content of the DC pulses.


I can see why Mr. Hackenberger said that there was no way to calculate the performance of one of these "transformers" prior to making it. He must have made hundreds of these to fine tune the various parameters involved.

I still have no idea as to the actual physics involved - neither did Mr. Hackenberger.

Mark McKay, PE
Well, physics is a convention of conservatives, so it's not going to have much to say in this matter.

The solution lies in...
UFO's need an abundance of energy. An excess of energy. Enough to throw away. Just like the Ed Gray team discovered in their pulsed motor.

But it is also possible to levitate, as Marvin Cole discovered, if this excess is not dumped into batteries, nor dumped into compressed ionizing air flow, nor dumped into the iron hull of a Nazi Elektro-U-Boat during WWII: "for every two hundred pounds of iron added to the Special Generator, one horsepower output is increased" (as William Lyne quotes Tesla - or Mr. Dort? - as stipulating), but is dumped into aluminum.

Jim Murray, in his 2013 lecture and sold as "Tesla's Hidden Discoveries", alluded to a guy who was one of the lucky chain of thieves who stole Tesla's blue notebook, yet claimed that aliens told him how to build a UFO and keep every morsel of iron out of it for the slightest ferromagnetism would have overridden the weaker paramagnetism of the aluminum chassis.

In any event, there's plenty of RF as a byproduct of excessive buildup of charge within the chassis of the 1931 Pierce-Arrow and dissipated (rather sloppily, since the FCC was born three years later as a bureaucratic response to Tesla's radio interference with his local environment) by the two meter aerial posted onto the backside of the Pierce-Arrow. It serves as a voltage reference in sync with the quarter wavelength of 50 Mega Hz and is a major (yet, secondary) voltage source for temporarily storing the massive quantity of energy needed by the "specially designed" AC motor housed under the hood (as Peter Savo put it).

My simulations of a shorted motor design point to surges of an AC character which surge to infinite gain at an exponential rate if not checked by a pair of 100 Mega Ohm resistors surrounding the primary voltage source which are the pair of one inch rods sticking out of Tesla's project box doubling as switches. The length of these switches resonates with the quarter wavelength of 4 Giga Hz.

A short piece of wire affixed to the wall of a room will bring in 5 micro volts for a crystal radio set. If I assume one micro volt for each one inch rod, then my simulation has no problem feeding this 4 Giga Hz sinewave into the three starter coils of a single-phase induction motor. The bifilar main motor coils will boost the voltage to a few hundred volts RMS and produce a feedback of boosted current to a couple hundred amperes RMS totaled on all three starter coils wired in parallel thus summing their separate amperes to become a useful quantity for an EV motor. These starter coils will store voltage during non-surged pulses of several thousand volts.

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