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Cover bands, mixed

I already linked to the cover band, Mike Masse. Incredible talent.
There is another cover band that has enormous talent,,, also unrecognised. Read the comments.

Mike Dawes is incredible. The comments are really funny. "I'm a guitar player. After listening to this,,, I threw my guitar away.
Ray Stevens is always funny,
Zimbabwe is trying to get back the white farmers it chased away. They claim that the purge created an "intellectual drain".
South Africa says that the whites can't leave,

Al Bundy goes to hell,
The Simpsons go to heaven,
Shoeonhead Is smart, funny and, outspoken,
A go-kart where they mounted 4 engines on the 4 wheels,
Figure 8 racing in a school bus,
Mairead, the Coast of Galicia,
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