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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Everything slowed down a lot at xmas.

This is a deviation from what Tesla patented, however as the single bladed disc performed well for torque and also ease of manufacture.

Our builder in Idaho has come up with a 2 stage turbine with two 2nd stage fluid pumps!

The design has been tweaked to 2 bladed propeller because of this video:

Here is his design!

What it will do yet we are about to find out from my next post!!!!

Neither of those videos have anything even remotely connected to the Tesla Turbine. The beautiful plastic turbine is a variation of a BLADED turbine. The Tesla Turbine is BLADELESS. It uses the laminar flow of the air past the discs to move the discs. It does not try to catch the air with the blades. The plastic turbine may work very well but it is NOT anything like a real Tesla Turbine. You need to change the title of this thread if you are going to change the design to something so different from the Tesla Turbine.

I fly RC airplanes. The two bladed test versus the 3 bladed test also means nothing. The difference in thrust between the two can easily be caused by the difference in pitch of the blades. the difference in the diameter of the blades and the difference in the motors used. Those motors have a very wide range of RPMs based on the design of the motor. If you put the proper motor with the two bladed prop it can out perform the three bladed prop even when both motors are the same. And what does that test have to do with the Tesla Turbine? It operates on a totally different principle as I just explained.

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