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Nonsense. Dr.Tesla didn't want this. Anything that is a wave will not work. Only longitudinal propagation can reach as far as light can and carry enough power, industrial amounts of power. A wave is far too quick a loss of energy. Don't believe me or anyone else, try for yourself with a slayer exciter and it's identical receiver. Youi will see that the power to the load will decrease just after a few centimeters from a given point near the transmitter. When Dr.Dollard said that the top electrode or the second plate will be the reflector, the ground will be the ''hot'' terminal. Dr.Dollard never showed it but prof.Meyl did and in his experiment it appeared very clearly that a power amplifier was connected to the Transmitter transformer. To the HF PA was connected the signal generator. Then you could see that electrical energy was being transmitted wirelessly to the receiving transformer to light up an LED. The same thing happens in the case of the Magnifying Transmitter: in my own opinion it's inductance needs to be considerable(hundreds of meters of enameled copper wire just the secondary of the transformer) and so will the Resonator be. And since the ground will be the ''hot'' plate of the capacitor, single-wire transmission system would be realized. Then second desideratum would be achieved, as Dr.Tesla himself stated that ''the ships would sail, the airplanes would fly...'' signifying a true wireless transmission of power.
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