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No safe place for money

The last post showed the hedge funds abandoning the exchange traded funds.

Stock market selloff erases 2018 gains for Dow and S&P 500.
The pension funds have moved into credit funds and private equity.
All 11 sectors of the S&P 500 are now negative for December, the fourth quarter and the full year.

Treasury secretary Mnuchin says that investors will now move from stocks to bonds. He has NO idea of how markets work. He wants to get the Plunge Protection Team to go to work. They would buy up stocks to support markets.

BOJ Is Now A Top-10 Shareholder In 40% Of All Japanese Companies; Owns 42% Of All Government Bonds
"The last time we looked at how much of the stock market the Bank of Japan controls, we found that as of September, Kuroda's central bank owned a stunning 75% of all Japanese ETFs"
So, America is preparing to go down a road previously trodden by the Japanese. It didn't work for them. Look at Italian bonds. When the ECB started buying up Italian bonds, this gave private investors a GREAT opportunity to sell garbage the the Central Bank at a good price. The State wants to do a fresh transfusion into zombie companies to keep them floating,,, like dead fish.
Japan plans to try a plan B ,,, because plan A didn't work.

12/24 Mnuchin bid to calm markets risks making bad situation worse – Bloomberg
What do you expect? he's from the government.
12/24 From Goldilocks to Humpty-Dumpty markets – Zero Hedge That about covers it.
Kunstler is just a ray of sunshine, "And this solemn night a great stillness falls upon the land as the Leviathan of Washington is sent to its room to get its mind straight, and the USA gets on with collapse in earnest. There will be no visions of sugarplums for the Deep Staters as the government enters its induced coma, only premonitions of anarchy and insolvency,"****-nati...istmas-to-all/

Jorge G. Castañeda writes about the bankruptcy of socialism.
Parallels with the 1930s;
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