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Hi Wesley,

I have replicated many aspects of this video. This is the reason you understand that Wardenclyffe and its sister receiver was on a coastal location in the UK. Salt water has electrolytes that are conducive to transmission of Tesla one wire.

Furthermore, any metal objects around a transmitter will have charged surfaces, all you to do is have a charge separator(diode) and you can re-use the charge separation created by the Tesla transmitter dipole. It's like Don Smith said, Air and Earth proper grounding.

I have also induced HHO in mineral oil, from capacitive discharges of a spark gap emersed. I didn't expect that.

I wanted to run this idea by you. What if Kapanadze devices were actually super imposing a standing wave on the RX coil in an existing magnetic field? You would have moving flux, that could be harvested.

High Level: The Kapanadze device Tesla coil generates the dipole radiation, The spark transmits the energy to a receiver coil to ground, In the center are positioned magnets creating an ambient field, with unseen third harvesting coil wound around the magnets structure.

What do you think?
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