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The Colorado Springs TMT was experimental so there's no particular relationship between the coil dimensions. Through experimentation Tesla found the best combination via adjusting the number of turns and therefore relative impedance of the coils, but there's no "special ingredient" involved. It seems that it was just an experiment to take what he had previously observed when using "extra" coils in series with his flat spiral coil(s) further.

The 6:1 ratio that you're referring to normally refers to the height to diameter ratio of the secondary winding used in standard Tesla coils. Those don't use an extra coil.

Eric's CRI design is slightly different, because the idea there is to experimentally find a hypothetical "magic impedance mismatch" which allows the secondary and extra coil to independently resonate at 1/4 wavelength for twice the voltage gain if you will rather than the total wire length of the secondary + extra coil as one continuous length resonating at 1/4 wavelength. It's not known if that condition is even possible so Eric recommends not to use the extra coil in his design to begin with.

In basic terms, the Colorado Springs extra coil is not meant to be coupled to the primary, it's meant to be as free to resonate as possible in order to get the highest potential gain, so it's connected in series to the top end of the secondary, which is what couples the energy from the primary.

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