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Nothing will save the pensions

My job is getting easier. I don't have to do as many excerpts as we get closer to default.
Saudi Arabia Adopts Biggest Budget in History With Expenditure at Over $294Bln -
"Saudi Arabia Is Going Bankrupt" Taleb Exclaims After Seeing Kingdom's Latest Budget | Zero

The Central Banks had the money hydrants all the way open in 2017,
"The record bearish print is made all the more fascinating, considering that just one year ago, 2017, was the 'best' year ever for markets on this measure, when just 1% of assets finished with a negative total return in dollar terms "
"2018 continues to the be the worst year on record on this measure with 93% of assets currently down -worse than the years of the Great Depression"

Armstrong, " The Fed MUST raise rates to help the crisis in Pension funds. Raising rates is NECESSARY for the Fed also realizes that come the next economic recession, the only tool they have is to lower rates.
This is why we are in a Central Bank War. There are a lot of problems taking place and the Fed knows the Pension Crisis is taking down state and municipal governments. True, they raise rates and government debts explode. But the failure to raise rates means pension funds collapse"

12/21 Brace for “seismic” volatility: pensions to buy $60bn in stocks – Zero Hedge
Raising of interest rates isn't going to help stocks. Stocks go down as rising interest charges make everything more expensive.
12/21 Dow dives 400 points to end its worst week in 10 years – CNBC
Armstrong, "The market has still not breached important support levels."
So, how low does it have to go before it is at an important level?
The smart money at the ETFs,,
12/21 ETFs, major supporter of US stock market, stop buying the dip – Reuters
I think that Armstrong is grasping at straws.
12/21 High-yield credit spread blowout – Macro Tourist
Corporate bonds are blowing to the moon. How can corporate stocks survive that?

12/21 Trump promises a ‘very long’ shutdown if Senate rejects border wall money – CNBC
So, how much money is really needed?
850 miles of US-Mexico 'wall' not needed, ex-border officials sayReveal
Nearly 700 Miles of Fencing at the US-Mexico Border Already Exist ...

$5 billion should cover the major smuggling routes.
12/21 Apple just entered a death cross, and Wall Street should ‘prepare for the worst’ – CNBC
12/21 Corporate bond issuance shrinks to 7-year low as selloff deepens – Reuters
Offers have been pulled because nobody is buying. What about roll-over time?
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