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Yes I tried

Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
Has anyone pursued a combo motor/generator like the Lockridge Device that John Bedini talked about?

This was a small (300 Watts max) over unity device smuggled out of Germany after WW11 by a couple of GIs. It was made using a modified Bosch VW generator. One of them (Lockridge) had replicated it and sold them to people who used them for camping etc.

Bedini had the 'remains' of one of those replicated devices and explained how he thought it worked. However, he never got around to replicating it himself.

We have recently re-released the John Bedini DVD with additional material that includes video of the researcher that had given Bedini the replicated (non-working at the time) device.

This will probably be pursued only by those who could design and make their own motors (or knows someone who can assist them with this).

Rob Teifeld
Energetic Productions
Yes some here did try to replicate the Lockridge device without success, at least on my part.

There was a thread started on that subject. I spent much resources on that device and the remains lay around my shop.

There were many unanswered questions concerning this device. Main question to me was: How the coil/capacitor that was wrapped around the housing constructed?

If the added material gives more insight toward construction of the device then I'm all in.

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