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Work Progress

Put in many hours of work this week building. My ss shaft is here
and the one bearing for the top mount will be in soon. The mail
is stopped up bad, I ordered a bearing 3 weeks ago. The motor
to drive the wheel is mounted to my satisfaction and the upper
cross member is going well.

I can't believe all the hours I put in and it looks the same almost.
This really takes alot of time and I enjoy it.

one thing I need to do is take out a small segment to explain the
way I build. So many guys are not as well equipped plus have little
experience rigging.

Cutting tools for metal plate and plastic are important, then a welder
helps a bunch so I'll be showing my designs soon for the guys who
are wondering how to start something to make tests with.

Since magnets are very powerful at close range to metal cores it becomes
imperative that a rigid structure be formed, not as easy as it may seem.

.................................................. .....
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