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Originally Posted by luc2010 View Post
Hello ilandtan,

Thank you for taking the time to post, i am just trying to understand the battery charging process

as we know, we have

1-Constant voltage charger ''the standard method''
2-Constant current charger
3-Multistage constant current / voltage charger

its advantages and its disavantages thats need to be compared?

my guess,
for the last stage we must stop the voltage to 15vor even higher?
from 14v to 16v?
i need a sign to finish the process?

always, open to hear and try new ideas!!

back to work!

Thanks again for sharing
Idea 1: I would use a conventional charger and that has a meter on it, which tell you when the battery is full, stop charging and take a voltage reading of the battery, then place a discharge load for five minutes and see where you're voltage is at; use that as your max voltage setting. Then you can buy an overchager module for 15 bucks and then set it to that voltage. Reasoning: There would be no need to supply more than that voltage so the cutoff would determine your answer.

Idea 2: Buy a solar charger module and feed it with your capacitive source voltage. Let the module manage the three stages. Reasoning: The circuit is designed to do the thinking, no brainer.
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