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The protests

The overlay of the EU bureaucracy on top of existing bureaucracy has reduced the wealth of European countries by 20%. The outsourcing of jobs has further reduced national wealth. There just isn't any money to go around.
UK faces longest fall in living standards since records began, says ...
UK has 'worst quality of life in Europe' | Money |
No Babies? - Declining Population in Europe - The New York Times

Here is a good article on the yellow vest protests.The Indiscreet Charm of the <i>Gilets Jaunes</i>, by C.J. Hopkins - The Unz Review

"And, see, this is the problem the corporate media (and other staunch defenders of global neoliberalism) are facing with these gilets jaunes protests. They can’t get away with simply claiming that what is happening is not a working class uprising,"
"We can expect to hear this line of reasoning, not just from establishment intellectuals like Lévy, but also from members of the Identity Politics Left, who are determined to prevent the working classes from rising up against global neoliberalism"
Nothing scares the Identity Politics Left quite like an actual working class uprising. Witnessing the furious unwashed masses operating out there on their own,"
"but even if it does, and the gilets jaunes uprising ends, this messy, Western “populist” insurgency against global neoliberalism has clearly entered a new phase. Count on the global capitalist ruling classes to intensify their ongoing War on Dissent and their demonization of anyone opposing them"

Doug Casey, "I gave a speech about this at Jayant Bhandari’s Capitalism & Morality 2018 Conference in Vancouver last summer. People can listen to the whole speech here if they’d like the whole story. It’s entitled “How Political Correctness Is Destroying Western Civilization.” I’ll also point out that all the speeches at that day-long conference were superb.

And, interestingly, almost all the speeches at that conference centered around the possibility that a revolution is coming to the United States."
"And with welfare benefits as ridiculously high as they are, middle-class Europeans resent paying half of their income in taxes, only to see freeloading migrants live off their produce.
There’s an excellent chance this will spread throughout Western Europe. "
"In France, the state takes about 45% of all revenue in taxes. It’s got about the highest taxes in the world. The average Frenchman’s tax load is twice as high as the average American’s. Worse, the taxes are used to support massive and onerous bureaucracies in both Paris and Brussels."

Because Teresa May is screwing the Brits so well, there is a very good chance of these protests spreading to Great Britain. Their standard of living is certainly falling.

Notes in israel;
Time to learn from the French!’ Yellow Vest protests spread to Israel, 10 arrested
Israeli Police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu & wife

He is so corrupt, that there have been weekly protests about him.
A few years back, the protesters brought along a beautiful GUILLOTINE;,...107640,00.html
Israeli protests: 430,000 take to streets to demand social justice ...

Israel is afflicted with zionism and, the don't like it.
American taxpayers give Israel over $10.5 million per day.
You would think that $10.5 million a day would pay for bread for the people.

France's protests are hurting the economy at a crucial time - Quartz
I guess that we just have to wait and see how much.
12/15 Global debt hits record $184 trillion, or $86,000 per person – Bloomberg
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