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Attacking China,,, ECB and stimulus,,,Macron blows it

A short article on stocks with good graphs.

"Americaís trade war against China appears to be less about unfair trade practices and more about stopping China from evolving into a serious technological competitor against the US. In 2019, there is a strong possibility the tariff war will escalate into a wider conflict, with China selling down its exposure to the dollar and US Treasury debt. That would create significant difficulties for the US Government and the dollar itself.
With the credit cycle turning and the addition of American tariffs, markets are at a growing risk of replicating the 1929-32 crash and the economic depression that followed. "
"tariffs have evolved from a policy to make America great again to bankrupting China. China is seen as the greatest economic threat to America, and in this duel, tariffs are Trumpís weapon of choice.

The objective is to impede Chinaís technological development. "

" The European Central Bank formally ended its 2.6 trillion euro crisis-fighting bond purchase scheme on Thursday but promised to keep feeding stimulus for years into an economy struggling"
I'd like to know just what form this stimulus is going to take.

"A return of national sovereignty across Europe is no longer coming. I think itís here. This can no longer be stage-managed as a relief valve of the massive discontent at neoliberal policies rammed down Europeansí throats as it has in the past."
"Macron was sold as the outsider, the reformer, who wasnít in office a week before he began betraying the people who voted for him. And now heís stuck.
The media turned against him quickly because they know he is done. "
"Now the question is, what comes next? Because political unrest leads to financial unrest really quickly and the market hasnít even begun pricing France into Europeís evolving troubles."

"Macronís handling of these protests have been nothing short of abysmal. He began November the darling of the globalist set I like to call The Davos Crowd, excoriating any sense of national pride, likening it to terrorism."
France is NOT the place to do this.
"He also called for the creation of a Grand Army of the EU and pushed hard for banking federalization to consolidate power under Brussels over the currency,"
"With his approval rating dropping faster than Deutsche Bankís stock price, Macron had to do something to stem the tide against him. Itís so bad even the rest of the French political establishment are sharpening their knives looking for a no-confidence vote and his resignation."
"Salvini is looking at this proposal of Macronís like it truly is manna from heaven. But for the EU, does it really have any other choice? When youíve stepped off the cliff and are falling, anything you can do to keep from hitting the ground is what you do regardless of the long-term damage. "

"According to data from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, insolvencies climbed to 11,641 in October, a 9.2% rise compared to the year prior. Even more alarming, month over month this rise was up a staggering and somewhat inexplicable 16%, as if something "broke", pardon the pun, in October."

12/13 Yellen and the Fed fear corporate debt bubble, but investors still donít Ė CNBC
That is because they put their money into passive investment funds and, went to the beach.
12/13 US budget deficit jumps to $205 billion in November Ė MarketWatch
So, when does this all default?
12/13 US bank stocks spiral down Ė Wolf Street
Nobody is listening.
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