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I've been researching atmospheric pressure and came up with a conclusion of what the Tesla turbine builder witnessed.

"I have no doubts we can build it to run on atmospheric air, when you first told me it took a bit but it clicked in my head. I saw it happening. I can visualize when I lucid dream, images clear as day. It takes me longer to do prototypes, because my limited situation. I wanted to tell you something that happened when I added a load, some resonance thing happened, when I was loading it down more and more it started to speed up without additional pressure, I was literally burning through hard wood faster than in the video. ALL The Sudden I heard a pop, a puff of vapor exploded out of the turbine. then another pop, then another one. You know how the air has moisture in it and the exhaust is constantly sucking in atmospheric air, IT INSTANTLY CONDENSED THE AIR INTO VAPOR CREATING A HUGE VACUUM! That,s my theory of what happened, we are so close."
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