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some thoughts based on experiments.

The capacitance is AS IS, it varies by the materials and how its constructed, the value can be measured by its physical properties.

whether the load is on the positive plate or the negative, as long as there is electric potential there will be an electric current and the load will be powered.

electricity isn't just about electrons.
plates aren't "CHARGED" with anything.
there are some videos where capacitors are charged and disassembled and sorts of things to see where this "Charges" are "Stored".

"Positively charged Plates" are like "Hot Plates"
"Negatively charged Plates are like "Cold Plates"
(or the other way around).

when two are joined by a conductor you would have a "current" or "conduction"
there is still a "Current" through the insulator and the ambient air, known as "leakage current".
No batteries/capacitors remains "Charged" is a proof of that.
you can never stop the current flow, only slow it down.

"Heat" and "Electricity" are both recognized as forms of "Energy"..
being both "Energy" they should show similar behaviors don't you think?..
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