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Crazy Thoughts Of Don Smith Device

I know if you study Don Smith's devices, and you come to the realization that devices, in his explanations don't behave the way he describes. The "Don Smith Effect" is something that he says is how all his devices work, but yet it is nonsense.

How do you charge a plate of a capacitor, and only use the negative side to ground to power a load.

My answer is to make the first plate a radiator, and then use charge separation to collect the radiated energy between the negative plate and Earth ground.

I can prove this works.

Now imagine a very large capacitor fully charged to maximum capacity, imagine the negative plate attached to a load and then to Earth ground. Disconnect Positive plate and insulate to minimize leakage.

You get no current flow to the load to earth ground why?

Because the capacity isn't measured from the positive plate of the capacitor, the capacity is between the negative plate and ground, which is tiny no matter how big the capacitor is. Hence Don is Nuts... well but what if we visualize the same scenario but we start thinking the negative plate is not stationary, but a rotating disk.

Through charge separation, the positive plate is positive because we have emptied the electrons, and then gathered on the negative plate. If we disconnect the positive plate, the negative plate will remain electrostatically charged thus saturating the plate with electrons. If we spin the electrons off, we are creating a negative pressure zone, by pumping the electrons out of Earth ground.

It's like taking hose in a pool and spinning it around, the rotation creates suction going against gravity. Because you created the pump effect.

The flow of electrons creates current, the electrostatic induction assures a hefty gain as the electrons spin into the ambient again to be reused.
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