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Mixed vids

Stevie Nicks at her best,
Speculation on the Younger Dryas,
The orchestrion and Hupfeld Phonoliszt,
The Mellotron,
There are a lot of drivers who think they drive better than what is true. Lots of them drive in ralleys.
Paul Joseph Watson on the yellow vests,

Not your average Christmas song,
The sun is liquid,
Top 5 threats to earth,
Louis Armstrong Benny Goodman Danny Kaye Laurindo de Almeida Nestor Amaral
What child is this 150---1
Good sized toy tank,

190 mph snowmobile,
William Tell overture on guitar,,, Glen Campbell, of course,
Session Men,
B.B. King,
You never seem to have a lassoe when you need one,
Ernst Udet,

234 hp street bike, Ducati, of course,
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