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Armstrong and Malthus

Merkel is out but, her ideological (and ugly) doppelgänger is in.
Keep in mind that Germany has a $1 trillion account surplus. The rest of the EU group has a $1 trillion account deficit. Call me suspicious but, when the crash & burn comes, I suspect that Germany will get the shaft. Versailles Deux

Armstrong pooh-poohs the idea of a Malthusian future. There is no need to reduce population.
I have never seen him mention; resource depletion, forced extinction of animals, pollution (China spends 15% of their GDP to counter pollution), stagnant wages for 40 years, habitat loss for everything except humans. "31 million acres for farmland has been developed since 1982."
"Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say "

Ocean Fish Stocks on “Verge of Collapse,” Says IRIN Report
Ocean Fish Numbers Cut in Half Since 1970 - Scientific American
All seafood will run out in 2050, say scientists
Nearly half marine population lost in last 40 years

Stocks and bonds are not wealth. They are calls on wealth. Tangible wealth comes out of the air, water and ground. The sun gives us usable energy.
List of 17 Scarce Resources the World Is Running Out of - Ranker
None of this matter to Armstrong. He looks at history and sees,, cycles and markets. How could he possibly have a baseline for a society that has widely available birth control? Same for digital currency. Same for runaway automation. He has no baseline for an economy that has instant transfer of capital but, very little mobility of labor. He has no baseline for a world that can bring total destruction on itself.
He has no baseline for an economy that depends on oil. He has no baseline for an economy that depends HEAVILY on electricity for everything but, is headed into a time of violent solar flux with a weakening and flipping magnetosphere.
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