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Taxes and corruption

12/07 France overtakes Denmark for top spot in most taxes as percent of GDP – Talk Markets
12/07 France fears more riots; museums, Eiffel Tower to close – Philly Tribune

"The French rebellion over taxes on fuel is a Global Warming Tax. So Macron backed off of the fuel tax. To show this is just an excuse for Global Warming and the real objective is to grab more money, "
"There is something seriously wrong with these people. They claim that not even having a car contributes to only 2.4% reduction in CO2. The biggest decrease in CO2 is to stop having children which would reduce it by 58.6%."

California has the highest personal tax rate in the country. Now, they want to tax space travel by the mile AND texting.
12/06 Stocks rebound on word that Fed may pause rate hikes – CNBC
That's called , "grasping at straws".

2 kinds of debt;
"The poster child for all this lately is GE, who spent $40 billion on stock buybacks between 2015 through 2017 on shares that have declined in value 75% since. The company is now has a tangible net worth at negative $48 Billion."

China lockdown, "The Chinese government appears to be stepping up its efforts to fully control all Chinese companies through either arrest or restriction of movement for their leaders."

May seems to think that she is a reincarnation of Thatcher, "May is reportedly still insisting that the only options on the table are "no deal", "her deal" or "no Brexit".

Netanyahooo is under investigation for corruption and, there have been calls for his resignation. NO problem,,, he'll just start a war with Lebanon to distract people.

"In France we’ve been seeing uncontrollable protesters from across the political spectrum writing “We’ve chopped off heads for less than this” in graffiti on the Arc de Triomphe, which you may be certain has widened plutocratic eyes all around the world.

And that, I believe, is why the mass media have been behaving so strangely. For two years they have been reaching and leaning all over the place trying to regain control of the narrative like a novice ice skater trying to regain balance, and they are only getting closer to falling. Which probably makes the present moment the perfect time to give them a good shove."
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