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Market crash,,, climate crash

Since everything is connected, I have to veer off to the climate.
Armstrong, "Furthermore, couldn't it be that the promoters of global warming (IPCC et al) actually know that CO2 is NOT the problem but by feeding us the propaganda, they actually catch two flies in one blow: increased taxes and reduction of the population because the majority will not be prepared for the upcoming cold/famine."
"I was at the White House dinner and was seated at a table of ten with the heads of environmental groups. I cannot get my head around how these people think. They openly admitted that this was all about reducing population growth and how to frustrate it with wetlands to Global Warming these days. They DO NOT believe in Global Warming or CO2. They are using this to reduce the population. "

More from Armstrong,

OK, the warmers actually want to drastically reduce population AND make a buck while doing so.
Climate change: $4 trillion carbon tax is needed to save humanity from ...
We fork over $4 trillion and,,,,,, the windbag politicians suck up all the CO2. I would pay that if the politicians promised to hold their breath until they died.
Armstrong believes that the PTB are working on a big depopulation program.
"In Greer’s book The Ecotechnic Future, he writes that the most isolated areas will be cut-off first from the benefits of industrial civilisation as rising costs lead to the gradual phasing out of services, goods and electric power to the most remote areas."
That's nice but, when the sovereign bond market crashes, the cities will be most affected. The free $hit army will run wild. I'll cast my lot with the rural people who are used to dealing with weather problems. Look what happened in a 1977 storm.

What happens in the cities when the food supply shrinks? In South Africa, hail destroyed a forest and killed livestock.
Here is an incomplete map of crop losses.
About 10 years ago, True News warned that we would see the first signs of an Ice Age in the winter of 2018--2019.
The old weather patterns have changed so much that it is hard to quantify global warming / cooling.

Crippled Atlantic currents triggered ice age climate change | Science ...
Jun 30, 2016 - Now, scientists have implicated the culprit behind those seesaws—changes to a conveyor belt of ocean currents known as the Atlantic ...

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say ...
Dec 2, 2015
Climate change is going to radically shift weather patterns. Anthropogenic global warming is just a scam.

So, what happens when the sovereign bond markets crashes,,, fracking blows up,,,crop losses get worse? How bad will the depression be?
Remember, we blew up the Manmade River Project that was going to irrigate huge areas of north Africa. Slick Willie is responsible for the destruction of the huge food producing capacity of Rhodesia. Looks like Africa gets the axe. This isn't surprising considering that they are the only area that has a rising population.

Meanwhile, the Central banks are setting us up for a total financial crash.
Well, millions of economists have been trained in theories that don't actually work. According to the FED, "The Federal Reserve Board employs over 300 Ph.D. economists,"
Sprott, "In a recent survey not a single major central bank could provide an example of an accurate “a priori” recession forecast."

So, read the information and, make your own conclusions.

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