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July 5 1980, Dear Mr. Yurchey,

Thank you for your very welcome letter and interesting information. Thank you for kind remarks about Tesla. A lot of persons have wrote about him, but have used information of others. If you intend to do a true book about Tesla - the only place to obtain true information is from the patents - lectures, articles and his own life story - and the only place to find his life story is in 'The Wall of Light.' Tesla was never a dreamer...he was a real man. He believed in God - and the Bible. He married in 1890 - he had a son. And he died a very rich man.

Arthur Matthews

March 2 1983
Dear Doug,

The chapter from your book came this afternoon. I have spent some time reading them and I find them good reading. Very good in fact. But before you send it to be published... be sure of your facts. Study the remarks of Tesla in his own life story before you publish the remarks on Mr. Morgan - for he and Tesla were always friends. Morgan did not remove his support and faith in Tesla. They were firm friends. Tesla had loads of money. He was never poor. He died a rich man.

It was Tesla who removed the tower on Long Island, not the U.S. government. He was not told to remove the tower. Tesla removed it at his own loss. Because it was thought it would be used against the U.S. by the Germans. (WWI) By all means do not get information from books. Get true facts from Tesla lectures, articles, patents and his own life story in 'The Wall of Light' - This is the only true story.

Yours truly,

PS: Tesla was a wise man. No one cheated him. Some did try. He got a million cash from Westinghouse in 1893 - it was invested. So think it over. Also, Tesla sold all of his patents. He died happy, and rich. Don't believe writers of old books.
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