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Cheers Aaron, that's really helpful!

The secret of the Tesla turbine is tuning the inlet and exhaust so there is full vacuum throughout the rev range.

The second secret is the US Patent 1,061,142 & 1,061,206 are actually one patent for two opposite turbines that collectively make one machine.

The 1st stage turbine (transmitter) is the US Patent 1,061,206 which takes the heat out of the air and turns it into high RPMs low torque.

The 2nd stage turbine (receiver) is the US Patent 1,061,142 which bolts its inlet onto the 1,061,206 patents exhaust.

The 1,061,142 converts cold condensed air into compressed air and turns it into low RPMS, high torque.

The two turbines work together as one machine.

Hence why the numbers start at 1 - 12 in the 1,061,142 patent.

They continue from the shared part 12 up to 28 in the 1,061,206 patent.

All you have to do is follow Tesla's blueprint!

The above videos are showing the 1,061,206 turbine but at the moment it is not following Tesla's spec.

These are our two elephants in the room at the moment.

1. The rotor needs to be changed to a disc.

2. The inlet valve needs to be changed to a diverging nozzle rather than a converging nozzle.

They are preventing full vacuum and causing lots of unwanted back pressure.

It will be interesting seeing what power it can make running from atmospheric air pressure!

According to Tesla the machine will self regulate without a valve fitted.

The back pressure is what will allow this to happen.

Adding the valvular conduit eliminates the back pressure. In fact it speeds up the incoming air.


"Observe now that the velocity is but slightly reduced in the reversal so that the incoming and deflected fluid columns meet with a relative speed, twice that of the flow, and the energy of their impact is four times greater than with a deflection of only 90°, as might be obtained with pockets such as have been employed in asymmetrical conduits for various purposes."

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