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"—Suppose now we reversed the operation,— continued the inventor. —You have seen the disks acting as a pump. Suppose we had water, or air under pressure, or steam under pressure, or gas under pressure, and let it run into the case in which the disks are contained—what would happen?"

"The disks would revolve and any machinery attached to the shaft would be operated—you would convert the pump into an engine,— I suggested."

"That is exactly what would happen—what does happen,— replied Dr. Tesla. —It is an engine that does all that engineers have ever dreamed of an engine doing, and more. Down at the Waterside power station of the New York Edison Company, through their courtesy, I have had a number of such engines in operation. In one of them the disks are only nine inches in diameter and the whole working part is two inches thick. With steam as the propulsive fluid it develops 110-horse power, and could do twice as much."

With air twice as much and more!

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