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Financials slipping,,,Timing prognosis

Reportedly, bank stocks are going down hard.
"All 67 stocks in the S&P Financials Index declined on Tuesday,"
So, will the banks run out of money?
12/04 JPMorgan says cash better than stocks for first time in decade – Bloomberg
Bring your money here. We will take good care of it.
Macron the weenie is trying to prove how stupid he is.
Jean Claude Junker is trying to outdo him,

"Long Pig" is back on the menu,
12/04 “Our clients are shifting from “end-of-cycle” to outright “recession” trades” – ZH
12/04 “Collapse of civilisation on the horizon,” Attenborough warns world leaders – Goldcore
So, pass lots of new laws and fix it.
12/04 Ford’s restructuring could slash more jobs than GM’s, Morgan Stanley says – MW
Ford is trying to avoid a downgrade that would push investors OUT of Ford paper.

"The economic implications of a contracting population, in particular a working-age population, is what interests me because it will be the fate of much of the core of our industrial civilisation within a decade."
"For those who have read their Greer books, they should not be surprised. In Greer’s book The Ecotechnic Future, he writes that the most isolated areas will be cut-off first from the benefits of industrial civilisation as rising costs lead to the gradual phasing out of services, goods and electric power to the most remote areas."
"In the longer term, the capitalist system as we know it will end given the “limits to growth” megatrends, something that the German military predicted in their peak oil report which I covered here. "
"So, to conclude, the coming end of economic growth, in part triggered by the demographic shifts going in in the cores of our industrial civilisation, will lead to a fundamental reset of economic relations within a generation. This is the biggest story going on and it is barely registered by our media, political and economic elites."
True, nobody is paying much attention to the contraction of both workers and population.

"What happens next?
Think of the past few months as the first act in a play that is performed in virtually every business cycle, with later acts following a predictable script. Here’s how it’s likely to go this time:"
"Words give way to modest action (early 2019). When the markets figure out that empty promises don’t change the underlying reality of slowing growth, falling corporate profits and rising loan defaults, they return to panic mode. Governments are then forced to actually do things to try to stop the bleeding. In the current US case, that means the Fed will announce that it’s done raising rates and will soon start cutting."
"This will be greeted with another few days of market euphoria, followed by the realization that, again, nothing substantive has changed. Stocks will resume their decline. Let’s call this “2008 revisited.”

"The action turns serious (mid-2019). Now Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington (i.e., the 1%) are in full-on panic mode, and ready to take radical steps to save themselves. "
"the government starts forgiving student loans and possibly auto mortgages. Tax cuts move through Congress, along with infrastructure spending that dwarfs any previous roads/bridges program.

Federal deficits exceed $2 trillion and will – Washington assures its citizens – stay that high for as long as it takes to restore “normal markets.”

When China sneezes, Australia catches a cold,

France is the highest on public social spending.
France is the next-to-highest on taxes. The working class is fed up with this.

PRIVATE BLOG – The Fate of the US Share Market is Tied to Europe
Posted Dec 3, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

PRIVATE BLOG – The Fate of the US Share Market is Tied to Europe
Italy is getting ready to blow up European banks.
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