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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
You don't have to tread that lightly, I only fixed them, and did not design them.

I could however offer that the Bias voltage was a key adjustment, as the corona would could only charge the SE surface to a certain point, because the halogen lamps only had a certain level of light for neutralization; allowing the toner (powdered plastic) to statically adhere to the drum. Which had to be pulled off the drum on to the paper by the transfer corona.

That being said, I don't know the foundation of your experiment. I am trying to understand the magnitude.

It might be that UV is present 24/7, but how much energy is that?
Hi ilandtan,
It might be only a distraction. I am constantly waiting for components or materials, or trying to source something or working out what to do! I am waiting for components to arrive to tie up the Slayer tests, some machined parts for my Figuera device are ready and I am trying to work out how a resonant DC HV corona charge device works. I have some Carnauba wax on its way. The Selenium has slipped into the equation. However, there is a lot of interest in its usefulness. I do not have the conditions necessary to produce a satisfactory selenium cell. I still remain on course with the Don Smith outcome. The Selenium will be sometime next year!

Thanks for your advice on this.


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