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Hi guys,
Have been building a couple of coils for my corona experiment. Have been using the Slayer circuit. As soon as I go over 13 or so volts, I seem to lose the transistor. I think I am getting spike from L2 coil into base collector junction. This is happening on both orientations of circuit npn or pnp. What I have noticed is that the hight the frequency you can work with, using the ferrite pick up coil, the greater the output to the LED gloges. Only a small thing, but, a small success story!! Am awaiting some bits for the second stage using wireless with the Slayer. I have also seen a double Slayer on Youtube from a mr Speigel.

Having to buy another NST as the last one I had has failed when I set it up today. Another $50!

I like the notion of isolating the various key messages from other developers'. Try to establish a common connection or relationship.


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