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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
disruptive discharge
keep resonance
recreating the lightning
splitting the positive
(Tom Bearden) don't kill the dipole
ring twice
some tips from Steven Mark and his stories
and many others
Figuera mentioned that it's like the egg's of Columbus
Kapanadze : so simple you would laugh
watch Dragon's Den with Richard Willis

how much help you need ? isn't that enough ?
Enough? Never, even if I have a success. It's better than worrying about how ****ty this existence really is. It kills the pain.

I kind of understand the keep the resonance business, which I didn't expect in my Slayer circuits, I found out that different lengths of connecting leads changed my system output performance. Changing my power leads to the breadboard reduced my output by 25%.

So I eventually based my L1 to match the length of all my gator jumpers, I think that's why I can light 15W LED using only 6W of input power.

I have a vision of an end device that beats like a heart, vibrates to rhythms of it's itself and a part of the whole body of Earth.

Thanks for the help. I just don't have all those allusions available to cross reference by memory; but I got google. I will digest them and try to move my baby steps forward.

I did make progress today as I was able to regulate the output of my L3 with a 12V zener, so I know I can provide a feedback circuit with regulated DC.

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