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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
When you know the destination, any map of the area reveals one or maybe multiple paths to the destination. When you don't know where the destination is, a map is just piece of paper.

Point the way.

One of my core tenants in making a working device is using feedback. That's why I liked your suggestion of parametric feedback. I don't know quite how to do that with electronics, but if I put feedback in terms of the Kacher/Slayer, I figure this. I can drive a (L1)primary to resonate with the (L2)secondary to cause radiation. I can harvest that radiation in a tuned (L3)coil, and drive a load such that (L1)primary doesn't see the load. If this is true it's easy to stack slayer primaries to boost the output, you simply create another (L1')primary driver circuit and share the feedback from the (L2)secondary coil.

I should be able to drive that (L1')primary solely with the (L3) harvested.

My theory since it's feedback, it should build my power output, which I can limit with GDT or Varistor.

What do you think? The advantage is the feedback should be amplifying the resonating pulses?
Big YES. You are almost there if you understand what I said : all those cryptic tips are pointing to do deep research in area. Like "keep resonance" by Tariel Kapanadze - you must immediately recall Tesla who did the same and explained in his interview. He had however a big problem - to obtain COP>1 he needed a circuit controller capable of doing disruptive discharge. You know what - that's exactly the same problem we have today ! That's also exactly what Don Smith never said. You never got overunity without magnetic diode ;-) so you see that small sentence contain very dense knowledge
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