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What I'm not seeing is an understanding of the now revived physics behind the contraption and which is probably the reason for doubts and suspicions being cast on the device. Now you really can't have it both ways. Either you believe in Einstein's Physics or you don't, and if not then you can explain the machine, if you do then of course the machine is a fraud because it is impossible.

Einsteinian Physics cannot explain this machine because to do so requires the warping of so-called space time. This warping involves tensor theory and the idea that space is composed of a lattice work of interconnected points upon which energy can act. The idea here is you sock enough energy in to the surrounding space and bend it: Miguel Alcubierre's space warp drive, which is how the ARV is explained as operating in conventional physics, is an example of what's required to bend/warp space time. This whole entire idea is something I very much doubt is even possible.

The problem with this bending of space time is that space has no such lattice work; it's all theoretical based on, you guessed it, Einstein's theories of space time and the room of latex dolls rolling around on rubber sheets pretending to be so attractive that they call themselves gravitational space warps; but again, this is all a fantasy, and you can no more bend and warp space to create a propulsion system than you can bend and warp your own shadow: An object which is at least visible. Now naturally this is officially denied and ignored, and of course it's heresy to say otherwise.

The next problem involves the power requirements to accomplish this bending of the surrounding space time; assuming it actually exists. Now since the Alexey is using essentially a 12 volt battery we would have to assume the device is a fraud and being dyed in the wool Einsteinian Fanatics there's no possible way that it could anything but that because the energy required to bend space time far exceeds that of a 12 volt battery.

So if you're a conventional subscriber to physics then there is only one possible conclusion, and that is this is a charade and farce which can easily be dismissed and tossed in the waste bin, alongside all the other perpetual motion machines and other crack pot devices. No thinking or dissecting of the machine is required. It simply breaks the laws of Einsteinian Physics which is of course impossible.

Now hopefully you're not in this camp. So in order to understand what might be taking place and to see it as possibly working you have to have an alternative physics to explain it, and we do already have the physics to do that, it's the same physics which preceded Einstein's wacked ideas about space and time. You don't need to talk to Alexey and frankly it's almost unimportant as to whether or not the machine actually works. What you need is to understand the physics which could explain how it might work.

I think that Bugsfly nailed it when he said that Alexey doesn't know why it works. If you don't know Ken Wheeler, if you don't know Henry Stevens, then you have no idea how to explain this machine with anything other than Einsteinian Physics and which will not work to explain or understand the device. I've said it before and I repeat it now, this thing is probably more inclined to not work as opposed to working, and the reason he's mumm's about this is because he himself has no idea why it is like this even though he thinks he has a clue as to what it taking place. Alexey is trying to figure this out on his own without the advantage of knowing about the science which preceded Einstein. I know how impossible a task that is. You cannot explain or understand this machine with the corrupted science which is convention. You have to have an understanding about the way gravitational force is created by energy passing through matter. You have to have basic foundations denied by the physics of Einstein to understand this machine and I'm not seeing this comprehension in the comments.

It is for these reasons, and others, that I am confident that the device does work. I'm also confident that it's nearly accidental when it does work. I don't have the materials or knowledge to replicate this myself. However, I can buy a microwave for less tha $80 dollars, or get one off Craigslist for free, or go to a second hand store and find one. Right now I'm moving towards experiments involving projected microwave energy beams which I think are the basic technology behind early UFO designs as I've shown in the ARV thread using Chris Hardeman's basic experimental work as a foundation. I've repeatedly posted video's of Ken Wheelers which I think are directional in this area. There's probably more and it probably involves more complexity but if we can first accomplish a measurable reduction in weight then we will at least know we are on the right path.
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