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Originally Posted by sinergicus View Post
Hey robur; thank you to be with us and making efforts in translating alexey are from rusia?If so , in near future , maybe you will find a way to meet with Alexey and see with your eyes how his system flying for real without any fake ;if you will confirm this for us ,Alexey will have more viewers and more cash from his videos...if his stuff is real,personaly , I have no problem if alexey making cash from his videos ; experiments need moneys ...the important thing is to not spend our time if his system is fake..if is real he should have no problem to let you to see it in action ; I think would be a pleasure for you also to see his system flying alive ..

MAybe Alexey have some bad behavior coming from imperfections of his character ( who are perfect ) ..maybe he is arogant and have a lack of respect with people ,maybe he need money from his videos but this is also not important; we need to be focused on his technology not on imperfections of his character ,and try to replicate it ....
I am from Belarus originally, but I live in United Kingdom now.
Alexey has made it VERY clear he will not meet with anyone.
I have friends in Russia who also research this subkjrects. Here is a whole host of people wanting to meet him.
But he had stated he will not meet anyone.
He says he has no time.
On this video - all comments except mine are 2 month old at the youngest.
He don't answer e-mails nor answers comments and you want him to give his address or even make up time to go and meet you for FREE?
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