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Originally Posted by Elcheapo View Post
Hi ilandtan,

Thanks for the explanation.

I see you are believing everything Don Smith says.
That's good because this IS a Don Smith thread.
From what I gather from your postings,you are concentrating
more on the output side rather than the input, which is different.

My reasoning for using resonance is my read of his
Kapanadze also uses a similiar device and he says "it's all about resonance"

I appreciate all the time and effort you are spending on this thread
and hope you continue on in your own direction and I will do the same in mine.
Hopefully one of us might suceed. Good Luck!
Thank You for hanging in there, if you find you were able to produce overunity from the input. The kind that can power your house. Please let me know. I am a student here.

I have done some experimentation on the L1/L2 side. I believe I can show signs that you can harvest input resonance; more than what you put in. Please look HERE and other videos in my channel.

I just can't do it how DS uses a Laser module and pulls out multiple kWatts.

If I knew how to power my house, I wouldn't be here . I would be building a self sustaining pyramid house somewhere (maybe the Keys).
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