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military spending vs people, LEI

Just in case that you have forgotten, global warming is going to kill all of us,,,, SOON
It's getting hot in here: Three reports show we are heading towards the end of the world - Strange Sounds

China has figured out that domestic revolution is a very real possibility. They have finally figured out that revolution is what Trump is aiming for.
They thought that it was a good idea to take 300 million+ self-sufficient peasants off the farm and, give them jobs. These peasants have now run out of things to do.

The budget battle pits the military-industrial complex against the average American. ALL social programs MUST be cut to keep the military going.
" Without a U.S. presence, the logic goes, more sinister forces will take over. What happens when American troops must be evacuated from all over the world because we canít afford to keep them there anymore? "
"Just like its warfare state, the governmentís welfare state has plenty of internal calamities. But while it might be the preference of some megalomaniacal globalists to let the proles starve while preserving overseas holdings, itís not going to happen. What would transpire if Social Security checks stopped showing up in mailboxes and Medicare benefits got cut off? When presented with that choice, will the average American choose his social safety net or continued funding for far-flung bases in Stuttgart, Okinawa, and Djibouti? Even the most militaristic congressperson will know which way to vote, lest they find a mob waiting outside their D.C. castles"

The rest of the world is definitely getting tired of control by the FED. They brought it on themselves by originating many trillions of loans denominated in U.S. dollars. They don't plan to make that mistake again.
The State wants it's taxes and, they have new laws to keep you from hiding money. I hope that they use them against drug dealers and crooked bankers.

The number of owner-occupied homes hasn't gone up in years. The hot money buys up all the houses. Powell cut back on the hot money and,,,
BTW, the FED did NOT blink. They said that they would maybe blink in the future.
The hot money and speculators screw up everything.
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