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A new front opened by israel

2 weeks after the Sept 11 attack, General Wesley Clark was told that America was going to destroy 7 nations in 5 years. He didn't know why.
The neo-cons were following orders from Netanyahoo. The plan was created before the 9/11 attack. What was needed for the plan to be implemented was; a change of the American mindset.
Netanyahoo was calling the shots through his subservient congress.
This was nothing new. In 1967, Prime Minister Shimon Perez said in a radio address that "Israel controls America and, America knows it."

This is all part of the Oded Yinon Plan to Create a greater israel. Israel plans to steal land and natural resources from their neighbors. The subsequent attack on Syria was very important because the Golan contains enormous quantities of oil (Armstrong) This plan is not going very well because of Trump and Putin. Several years ago, Netanyahooo made a trip to the Kremlin and ordered Putin to get OUT of Syria. Putin physically threw him out. A couple of years ago, Netanyahoo declared that it was a "red line" for Russia to put S-300 missiles in Syria. Putin did it anyway.

Trump has refused to use Centcom to block Assad from taking back control of Syria from the israeli/saudi mercenaries. Netanyahoo can't seem to force Trump to destroy Syria as commanded.
Netanyahoo has now changed targets to force Russia out of Syria. He is now stirring up Ukraine to start a war there. "They" claim that Russia is now preparing for a full-scale invasion. They created a phony provocation in the Sea of Azov to get things started.

At the same time NATO is trying to get a war going in the Crimea.
ALL of this is done to force Russia out of Syria.
Putin is countering this move by Netanyahoo by supporting Hezbollah.

Thanks in no small part to Russia, Hezbollah is now a full-fledged ...

Why is Russia partnering with Assad, Iran and Hezbollah? - Quora

As Netanyahoo stirs up Ukraine, Putin arms Hezbollah.
Trump admits the reason for not pulling US out of Mideast is because of Israel

Russia 'to deploy new S-400 missiles in Crimea'

Porky Warns Of "Full-Scale War With Russia" In Televised Interview

Poroshenko's Martial law across Ukraine takes Effect ...Anything To Postpone The Election which He will lose

Getting Crazier - Ukraine Amb to Germany Urges West to 'Put Putin in His Place'

Escobar - Kerch Strait Chaos Looks 'Like A Cheap Ploy By Desperate Neocons'

Ex-NATO Commander Calls on Trump to 'Stand Up' to Putin Over Kerch Strait Rift

Hamas, Hezbollah 'not terrorists,' Russian envoy to Israel says | The ...
Taking all this together, it is not surprising that many people resent the jews.

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