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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Right, the schematic with not-correctly placed diode in diode bridge ? I don't know if it's a working device but I must reflect here many statements which are important. For many devices described in newspapers there is a note that electrician or scientist examined device and they said : it's impossible to be working that way. Like for example two coils completely not coupled inductively or diodes in wrong directions. You can find the same in Richard Willis patent.
The energy that comes goes "the wrong way around" - that's that problem for all replicators, because excess energy is coming from other source.
I saw that diode, LOL maybe he's telling us that the function is not a typical bridge. Don on one of schematics, said throw away the L1/L2 in the diagram, all you need is a disconnected negative output of the bridge (so it doesn't matter which way that diode points) He just uses the positive output to the cap.

Don Smith: Bruce,The Device in question is the same one I demonstrated at the Tesla convention 5 years ago that caused such a ruckus. The Inverter circuit already has the necessary components required. Disconnect the main diode bridge negative output from the output capacitor bank. Then hook the disconnected negative capacitor to a separate circuit which powers the load and into an adjustable earth grounding. At this point you are tapped into the universal source of endless energy. There is a simple way which does not require the inverter. Any how let me know and will work it out. You already have all the required parts as does most everyone else.
Regards, DS
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