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my guess


All I'm saying is that resonant circuits are the most practical and efficient way of obtaining the HV that we need.

Everyone has a different idea as to how this system is supposed to work.

My own guess is that the extra energy is the aether waves as described by Tesla.
Our scientists call them neutrinos. So small that they can pass through steel.

Mother nature always tries to keep things in balance by providing as many of
these positive charged particles as there are negative ones.
We need to upset this balance in order to bring some of these charges into our HV circuit.
We can do this by creating a disturbance by sparking HV DC through a spark gap.
Using a positive dc will attract the negative charges while using negative dc will attract the positive charges.
There will be an attraction for each half-wave pulse coming through the spark gap, so
the more often this happens (called frequency) the more energy we get.
And the higher the voltage, the greater is the attraction as well.

It should now be clear that we should only be attracting the positive charges
as these are the ones which will flow through our HV circuit and back to negative ground which will put things back in balance.
This current flow will be a combination of electrons (from our power supply) and neutrinos.
If we could attract only 1/4 amp into a 9000 volt circuit, we'd get out 2200 watts of power by using a step-down transformer on the output side.

Just my GUESS
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