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I'll ask

but reading above
Turns out that is a lot of energy released, considering that many many reactions are possible per second. These reactions would in turn result in radioactive products that would release β+ emission, which don't travel far in matter. The next product would be gamma-rays mostly at 1.011 MeV, which are easy to shield against.

Since Nature has surprised us before, she may do so again. It may be that the reactions resulting in stable (non-radioactive) copper might dominate the process, so there would finally be but few gammas relative to the large heat energy released:
62Ni + p → 63Cu
64Ni + p → 65Cu
All of these isotopes are stable, that is, not radioactive at all. Only experiments will tell.
end quote

I have never done this bright line testing , sounds simple enuff

I get the impression that they really are not certain where the energy is coming from [or some may not be telling ??]

I would imagine detectors [calibrated very sensitive detectors] are running all the time to sniff for radioactive emmisions!
(I do know anyone who plays with this on their home benches have "counters" and films which react to emissions .

The Novice "hunter" can use all the help they can get .
I will ask about your suggestion .

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