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State dominance vs Mother nature & human nature

C. H. Smith, " In the present era of corporate dominance, where can serfs go to demand redress and financial freedom from the neofeudal system? Nowhere. The global corporations that own the land and the productive assets have no castle that can be stormed; they exist in an abstract financial world of stock shares, buybacks, bonds, lobbyists and political influence.
The reality is there is no avenue left for advocacy, grievances or redress in a system dominated by global corporations and self-serving political insiders."
"The problem for well-meaning politicos is the system cannot be reformed or repaired: the cartel-state socio-economic system is now the wrong unit size and the wrong structure."
"Mere debt-serfs and tax donkeys cannot compete with campaign contributions and influence purchased with tens of millions of dollars in cartel profits."
"Corporate power and self-serving insiders destroy democracy. That is the heart of neofeudalism, which is the only possible output of the status quo."
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Politics of Debt-Serfs and Tax Donkeys: Our Only Choice Is the Least Bad Option
The tax donkeys have gone on strike and, are not producing new children to be tax farmed.

"Today, the value of the dollar has been eroded by over 97% of its 1913 purchasing power and is due for replacement. If the owners of the Federal Reserve are to continue to regularly scalp the hoi polloi, the best approach would be to engineer a second major buildup of debt, trigger a crash, then introduce a new currency to “save the economy.”

This, they will most assuredly do. The debt has already been created. A crash can be triggered in many ways, including the tried-and-true method of raising interest rates.

And, after the predictable crash, the public will most assuredly cry out for those in power to “do something.” The warning signs have been in view for some time that that “something” will be digital currency – a currency that will make it necessary for virtually all economic transactions to pass through the hands of banks. "

"The IMF has recommended that all Central banks should issue their own cryptocurrencies. Indeed, they are looking at using Block Chain to keep track of taxes and to enforce negative interest rates with cryptocurrencies which would allow them to impose negative interest rates whenever necessary. With adopting cryptocurrencies that governments would control, we will come one step closer to losing all our freedom. Central banks could enforce negative interest rates with cryptocurrencies and thus people would find their accounts just garnished. You could not hoard cash and withdraw it from banks."

" Because interest rates have been negative in Europe, the capital has been fleeing around the world."
"Lowering interest rates to negative by the ECB has created one huge mess in international capital flows. The capital went everywhere BUT Europe and the ECB ended up buying the bulk of government debt because they singlehandedly destroyed the European bond market. "
Several years ago, the cover of The Economist magazine predicted a complete crash with the phoenix of the SDR rising up out of the ashes. It is easy to claim that the crash has been engineered by the Central Banks. It is logical to believe that the State would like to have total control of the financial system.
China shows us the social credit system where it monitors and controls every facet of Chinese lives. BUT, Japan shows us that people refuse to have children if they have no confidence in the future.
The demographic crash will only get worse because of this. So, while the State would like to lock down control of every person, it must support / contend with millions of retirees who have no support.
All this at the same time that global cooling and violent weather will take a huge toll on the economy.
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