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Armstrong, Salvini, Goldman Sucks,oil glut, GM and Ford,

Well, there is plenty going on.
"Oct 31, 2018 - The stock market lost nearly $2 trillion in October. Here's what happened. U.S. markets lost nearly $2 trillion in October. The biggest technology stocks — most well-known as FANG — were among the hardest hit this month."
Armstrong, Nov 25 "The FAANGS’s all performed well"
He couldn't leave well enough alone.
"European markets opened on a very positive note following the EU acceptance of the BREXIT deal and also news that the Italian coalition would reconsider their 2019 budget proposal. "
UN-NAMED sources said that Salvini would reconsider. The truth;

This article also mentions that Goldman Sachs (the vampire squid) is in serious trouble. I hope that they all DIE.
(Salvini) "And in doing this he not only speaks for Italians, he is now speaking for that growing part of the European population who sees what the EU is morphing into and recoiling in horror."
"Angela Merkel and Macron are ratcheting up the rhetoric against the rising nationalism Salvini represents and are now pushing hard for their Federation of Europe before both of them leave the scene in the next few years, at best.

If they lose their battles with Salvini and Hungary’s Viktor Orban they may be run out of office with pitchforks and firebrands."
"Salvini declared with Orban to develop a “League of Leagues” to storm the Bastille of the European Parliament in May’s elections."
Ah yes,,, those pesky elections. Maybe Macron shouldn't have pushed so hard for a EU army. People tend to figure those things out.
"This is a major gambit by Salvini, and if he is successful he will become a lightning rod for Euroskeptics across Europe to break with Merkelism and the consolidation of power around Germany within the EU.

Italy’s debt problems are not solvable within the euro. Salvini understands this. "
"There’s something serious brewing within Goldman-Sachs. Martin Armstrong has been all over the potential wipeout of Goldman as part of the European sovereign debt crisis.

Because we have 3 countries now bringing charges and/or suits against Goldman Sachs, it appears that this will mark the beginning of the end for the firm. When the Euro cracks, they will also be blamed for their role in Greece and the rest of Europe. Don’t forget that Mario Draghi is also ex-Goldman Sachs. When the Euro cracks, there will be a microscope applied to every communication that was ever carried out between Draghi and Goldman Sachs."
"The rot within Goverment Goldman Sachs runs deep. The destruction of Greec was all about protecting Goldman.

And even if there is no Goldman angle directly related to Italy’s debt and banking situation, which I very much doubt, remember formerPrime Minister Mario Monte, who was installed to stop Silvio Berlusconi from taking Italy out of the euro back in 2011."
"Because don’t think for one second that Salvini doesn’t know what the real story behind Italy’s debt is and who is hurt worst by exposing it to the vicissitudes of the market. At this point he’s daring Draghi to stop supporting Italian bond yields.

Let yields rise. Let’s find out who is behind the insolvent Italian banks swimming naked as the tide rolls out, liquidity dries up and the whole European debt market seizes up.

And if it’s Goldman again then then expect the biggest fight yet for the future of the EU. If Salvini plays it right, Italeave not Brexit becomes the clarion call for ending the Davos Crowd’s push for global control."
I just hope that Salvini doesn't get on any airplanes.

Notes on BTC;

"Energy prices have declined 30% over the past two months is being talked as another example of the slowing global economy."
Wait a minute ! What about all that money invested in oil??
"Saudi crude oil production hit 11.1-11.3 million barrels per day (bpd) in November, an all-time high, an industry source said. "
Oil Giants Saudi Arabia, Russia Ramp-Up Production - Bloomberg
Nov 19, 2018

So, what happens to the banks if oil stays low?
Jim Willie, "the global USTreasury dumping initiative motivated by massive USGovt debts & deficits coupled with lower oil price from energy wars "
"the high risk to Wall Street banks from the declining crude oil price whereby the big banks have credit exposure to the suicidal shale sector, the theft of $3 trillion in USTreasury Bonds owned by the Saudis "
"Prices on Friday hit their lowest since October 2017 amid intensifying fears of a supply glut. Brent sank to $58.41 a barrel, while WTI fell to $50.15 a barrel. "
"The USFed has caused every financial crisis since the 1980s. Both outsourcing of US industry and QE monetary policy assure more crises. The actual price inflation is over 8%, thus the lie on GDP is over 5%, and therefore the USEconomy is stuck in a 12-year recession. The debt engine is broken, since it takes $5 in new debt to create $1 in economic activity. "
"Herein we have Trump Putin and Xi to assure that the Gold Standard is installed without global war. The Gold Standard will be rolled out in a long organized tactical efficient schedule. The process has begun, and is not stoppable."
"the USGovt deficit enormous problem characterized by current borrowing costs exceeding all tax revenue income that indicates Third World status,"

11/26 Asia’s liquidity squeeze is the worst since 2008 – Bloomberg
Making America great again.
11/26 GM to slash 14,700 jobs in North America; 5 plants could close – CT

Ford will probably be downgraded to junk. GM is trying to jump in and avoid that. Both are hurting because of a fall in sales to China.
11/26 Climate change will wreck economic growth, major government report says – MW
So, just don't read the report and,,,, DON'T worry.
11/26 Cash outperforms stocks & bonds first time since 1992 – Upfina
NO, NO, NO,,, you must stay in stocks.
11/26 Lawmakers leak plan for $3 billion pension-fund bailout – Zero Hedge
Marvellous,,, the pension funds are about $50 trillion short in aggregate.

Amazon is breaking new ground in the stupidity contest.
"police in Madrid were "dumbfounded" when Amazon asked them to intervene during a strike at one of the company's warehouses on the outskirts of the city. The company wanted the police presence to keep productivity high, or at least comparable to that of a normal working day.
A spokesman for one of the labor unions that helped coordinate the strike told Business Insider that Amazon "wanted to send the police inside the warehouse to push people to work."
I lived in Madrid for a while. The madrileños are very sensible.
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