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What would that prove?

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
AGAIN, I am in the process of moving my shop. Once I get things set up at the new house I will be more than happy to prove this point, even to YOU. It is simple. Run the motor turning a rotor with magnets on it WITHOUT any coils in place and measure the voltage, AMP DRAW, and rpm of the motor. Run the motor turning the rotor WITH coils in place and compare the amp draw, voltage, and rpm to the previous test. Then run the motor with those same coils UNDER LOAD and measure the amp draw, voltage and rpm of the motor. THEN tell me this is unimportant.
You have no baseline. What does a standard "well designed" generator pull at the same load and speed?

What about your reason why what you're talking about relates to the subject of this thread, namely M12 is not equal to M21?
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