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Originally Posted by citfta View Post
Hello bi,

What I have highlighted is what Dave has been trying to tell you in his own way. If you wind the coils properly and get the rotor up to the proper speed then you can induce power into the coils that does not load the motor. His tests conducted over the last several years have proven this to him. I don't have the financial resources to wind the large multistrand coils that Dave found it was necessary to make in order to see the effect. So I can't confirm this for myself, but this article sure seems to do just that. You really need to read his posts again where he describes how to wind those coils and how he thinks they work. The scientific evidence in the article you posted is probably a more accurate way of describing the effect, but Dave has tried many times in his own way to describe the same effect.


I see what you're saying and a first impression of the article which I posted, but upon further investigation, I realize my first impression, and probably yours, is mistaken. The phenomena explored (discovered?) by these researchers is quite different than what Turion thinks he's done. I believe there is a long way to go before this new research is verified, validated, accepted or proven. But at least these guys, unlike Turion, present all the data and analysis for review. Short of proving their claim, they at least support their claim with evidence, not just tell the world to build it to see for themselves, because they disassembled the apparatus and have it packed away.

As far as Turion's tests proving things to himself and his explanations, in my opinion, it mean nothing. If Mr. Turion would do similar analysis and data presentation as we see from these researchers, I could then take him seriously.

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